The Taroom Show Society are increasing their efforts to help combat depression and other mental illnesses within Taroom and the wider community.

This year, the show committee is both excited and honoured to welcome John Schumann- former lead singer of the popular band Redgum- to the Taroom Show for a special concert promoting mental health.

The concert has been made possible by Rural and Remote Mental Health. This non-for-profit organisation with a charitable status delivers prevention programs and early interventions to improve the mental health of everyone living and working in rural and remote Australia.

Taroom Show Society president Shane Williams said Rural and Remote Mental Health will be at the show to provide information about the mental health of individuals, as well the health of friends, family and the wider community.

“We are privileged to deliver this service to Taroom, and to have John Schumann open the show and perform will be extremely special,” Mr Williams said.

“John will be accompanied by his best mate and former band member Hugh McDonald, and the talented Alex Black. This is a performance that normally you would only be able to attend in the major metropolitan centres of Australia. The three will perform songs such as Awesome Day, Diamantina Drover and I Was Only 19.”

John and Alex are both highly sought after for festivals, high profile concerts and other special events such as the Anzac Day march at the Melbourne Cricket Ground and the Australia Day concert in Canberra. The pair has entertained Australian troops in East Timor, and more recently in Afghanistan.

Having experienced mental illness himself, John knows how critical prevention is and if things are not going well, to seek help early. He is a passionate Australian who sees people in the bush not getting the same services as our urban cousins. John works tirelessly to decrease stigma around mental health, increase help seeking and encourage people to smile whilst doing it.

The concert will begin at three o’clock on Tuesday, May 3 at the Taroom Showgrounds. The Taroom Show Society and Rural and Remote Mental Health gratefully acknowledge the funding made available by the Australian Government’s National Suicide Prevention program to deliver this service. Story- ANDREA SCHULZ.