About the Dark Rich Fruit Cake Competition
This competition is a test of skills in the fine art of baking a Dark Rich Fruit Cake for those who wish to maintain a heritage culture which has been renowned for generations. 

A set recipe is not provided - exhibitors are permitted to use their own tried and proven recipe in accordance with the Queensland Ag Show rules. 

The competition begins at the local show. Winners of the Dark Rich Fruit Cake local show competition are eligible to enter the Sub Chamber competition. The winner of each Sub Chamber is then eligible to be judged in the State Finals held during the Brisbane Ekka. Only one entry from each Sub-Chamber is permitted and no cut cake will be accepted in any competition. For more information about local shows, please visit the Contact Shows page. 

All exhibits for the State final must be a 500g mixture, made with approximately 2.25kg of fruit, and will be displayed at the Queensland Ag Shows stand during the duration of the Royal Queensland Show.

2017 Dark Rich Fruit Cake State Winners

1ST – Patricia Murphy Representing South East Queensland

2ND – Gloria Flemming Representing SOuth Burnett


A complete list of shows holding the dark rich fruit cake Competition in 2017 can be found HERE
Previous Winners
Year Name Representing
 2017  Patricia Murphy South East Queensland
 2016  Loretta Voll Darling Downs
2014 Barbara Happgood North Queensland
2013  Barbara Hapgood North Queensland
2012 Manny Sorely Darling Downs
2011 Loretta Hetherington Burnett
2010 Isabell Mather North Queensland
2009 Edna O'Neill South Burnett 

A complete list of shows holding the dark rich fruit cake Competition in 2017 can be found HERE